Residential Painting Ideas – Commercial Painting Tips

Do you think that your house or an office space requires a makeover? Are you tired of daily looking at that same old décor? It’s surprising how soon people get bored of their room and the color used in it. The room which has once been vibrant for you, the same room may seem uninteresting today. If you are having similar thoughts in your mind then probably it’s a right time to do some changes.

One of the simplest and most cost effective ways to bring a change in your interior is to use paint, textures and different varieties of painting techniques. Before you start searching for any other ideas for your interior you may want to consider painting your house or office with one of the Exciting Interior Painting Ideas mentioned below.

You can try mixing and matching of colors on different walls. One of the classic painting idea is to use a fairly dark color on one of the walls which would stand out and to use light color on other walls. Further, if you are looking at the makeover of your house then your children may want to choose their own color for their room. But remember it can be risky to let them do that; especially there may be instances where teenagers would like to paint their whole room in black or bottle green. Now there are some paint manufacturers who may allow you to do a virtual makeover through a simulation. With the help of this online simulation you can find a middle way with your kids and decide upon a color that you both can live with. For instance you can let your kids use a dark color or for that matter black color on one of the walls and other walls can be painted with light, airy colors.

Another painting tip is to use textures on the ceilings or walls in a room. For instance, you can try using texture or clouds effect on the ceiling to cover any stain or mistakes. Nowadays people also choose to use fresco on dull walls.

Finally, in a room for which baby boomers are always on a look out for new ideas is a baby nursery room. If you wish not to indulge yourself in usual pink or blue colored rooms, then you can try using rainbow pastel stripes. To add some excitement you can paint a height chart on the wall, apart from being decorative this helps in keeping a check on the height of your growing child.

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