Art of Asia: Ceramics – Innovations in Clay

Ceramic production in Asia dates back many thousands of years. The Chinese have always been regarded as the undisputed masters of ceramics. Other Asian cultures have made astonishing contributions as well. The collection at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts sheds light on virtually every type of Asian ceramic—from Neolithic vessels, to Japanese tea bowls, to Chinese export porcelain, and beyond. This teacher resource video was produced in 2006 in conjunction with the Art of Asia interactive media program at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

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  1. que increible, como el proceso y la tecnologìa se desarrolla, poco a poco, junto al arte, es màs creo que gracias al arte hay tecnologìa.

  2. Wonderful video. I have spent so much time in museums in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China,and Thailand. The Minneapolis Art Institute has a wonderful collection and a well written web site–the best

  3. Really clear explanations. The subject is well covered for the time alloted. The images are gorgeous. It’s a treat to watch a film of such quality. Thanks!

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