Basic Oil Painting Techniques : Types of Brushes for Oil Painting

Learn how to choose paint brushes to paint withoils in this free instructional video art lesson on oil painting. Expert: Vince Fazio Contact: Bio: Vince Fazio, an artist for 29 years, is currently the Art director of the Sedona art center and has been for 9 years. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler

2 Replies to “Basic Oil Painting Techniques : Types of Brushes for Oil Painting”

  1. I’d be eager to hear from others what your favorite brads of hog brushes are.
    In my expeience best seem to be, Robert Simmons Signet series, Grumbacher’s Degas, Blick, Da Vanci (very overpriced though) and Utrecht (amazingly cheap for the quality $4 for a #6!)

    Also, for soft hair , I HIGHLY recommend natural mongoose brushes if you can fid them. Thei’re not only cheaper than Kolinsky sables but actually, I think, vastly superior in every way.
    Trust me, save the sables for water-media.

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