Movie Downloads Should Be Done Safely

We live in a world of on-demand satisfaction. To an extent, whatever you want, you can get and with home theaters becoming a social staple for families, the ability to download a movie that you want at the moment you want to see it is seductive.

Illegal or not, there are a lot of people who download music, Kindles allow you to download books, and so it’s only natural to assume that you can download movies. However, this particular practice is thought of as taboo and most consumers are afraid that any type of movie downloading is illegal, or that whatever they do get is most likely a bootleg copy, or more rudimentary that their computer will become at risk.

This way of thinking, in the beginning, was true. Almost all online movies that were bootleg copies usually recorded by camcorder of the movie screens, much like what is sold on street corners. If you watch these films you’re committed infringement on copyright.

If a government agency wanted to crack down on sites that gave out free movie downloads, almost all web site owners would have no issue in handing over the list of IP addresses that had used the site in exchange for leniency.

This doesn’t happen, but it could, and it has happened with many music buffs who have shared filed illegally having to pay expensive fines in lieu of prosecution. Who’s to say that movies aren’t the next group that will feel this sort of crackdown?

Using the internet to download anything is potentially full of risks, especially with websites advertising free-to-you movie downloads. The reason that a site wouldn’t charge you anything for a particular service is that they want to actually take something from you; in this case it’s the insertion of adware and spyware into your computer.

What is spyware? It’s a malicious software that downloads onto your computer and records your actions on line. This can include recording keystrokes that can give away your passwords on a myriad of websites and open the door to having your identity stolen. Adware is not as malicious, but is a nuisance that can slow down the performance of your computer by inundating you with pop-up ads on the misguided thought that it will make you want to purchase one of the items.

To make sure that what you’re doing is legal and safer, it’s best to use websites that charge a fee for joining. Many websites charge only one-time fees at around $40 for unlimited downloads, much like the music site Napster. The fee will most likely protect you from inadvertently downloading any adware or spyware because of the added virus protection that many of these sites contain.

Wanting something for nothing, especially when downloading movies can lead to consequences that are annoying at least and dangerous at most. There are many good websites that you can utilize for movie downloads – just make sure to do your homework and choose wisely.

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