Basic Oil Painting Techniques : Choosing Paints for Oil Painting

Learn how to choose oil paints in thisfree instructional video art lesson on oil painting. Expert: Vince Fazio Contact: Bio: Vince Fazio, an artist for 29 years, is currently the Art director of the Sedona art center and has been for 9 years. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler

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  1. Yes, but purple is adulterated with red. a warm color- in fact the warmest. The other blues tend slightly toawrad green, which is of course blue adulterated with yellow; ergo all the other blues are cooler..

    It’s also worth mentioning to the novice that ultramarine is a pigmet with the very worst brushing and handling proprties. When used on its own it tends to be stringy rather than buttery and will tend to produce streaky burushstrokes.
    I recommend using cobalt instead when possible.

  2. no it’s not because it’s mixed with purple. purple is a cool color, so is blue. Two cool colors equal the coolest color mix.

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