Interior Decorating Painting Ideas

Interior Decoration is pretty interesting concept. You can simply transform your home or office interiors to anything special and innovative, just by implementing certain optimal interior decorating painting ideas that enhances appeal. There are many different ideas that you can try out. Perhaps one of the best one to consider is Faux painting. Let’s take a look at this in more detail.


Faux Painting is a form of interior decoration wherein you can make a particular home area look exactly like something dramatically different from the original. You can bring in any type of concept and make it look like the real thing, by using  faux painting ideas. Some types of faux painting techniques include sponging, stippling, combing, bagging or rag rolling.


All of them bring out some very interesting effects that can make your walls have such a natural and even outstanding appearance in contrast to the furniture and other articles that you place there.  One of the most vivid faux painting techniques is Sponging. You can create some very unique effects with it such as sandstone, granite, marble using it and you can see such an impact arising out of it. It’s quite an easy technique to carry out. Yet another quite dramatic faux painting technique is Marbleizing. Different kinds of tools are used to create a marble look effect on the wall. If you are looking for interior decorating painting ideas that are a bit on the intricate side, how about combing? This technique makes use of combs to create a Patten from floor to ceiling.


Another interior decoration technique is Wall Stenciling. This interior decorating technique adds depth to your room space. It gives the room a fuller look and you will be surprised at the kind of output that will come out as a result. This interior painting technique is pretty easy-to-do and it is also not very expensive. You can carry it out using a template.


If you want something that’s really creative, try out wall murals. You will find wall murals to be exemplary in the way they decorate the home and the kind of look and appeal that they can provide. This is one of the most interesting interior decorating ideas or techniques. Any kind of wall mural will look good and you can get as innovative as possible with the range of techniques and painting styles that you can use.


These are some of the interior decorating painting ideas that you can try out. However, for any idea to work out, you need to have the right kind of paint, as this is the only way a good finish will come out. You will find interior paint to come in many different varieties which are gloss, satin, semi-gloss and flat. Flat paint are at one end if the paint spectrum as they have an ordinary appearance, while satin, semi gloss and gloss paints have a highly appealing look and effect.


These are some creative interior decorating painting ideas that you can try out. You can find some more interesting painting ideas in magazines and internet sites dedicated to interior decoration.  Check out as many techniques as possible to find one that is suitable for your requirements.


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