“Getting Started” Advanced Miniature Painting Techniques

“Getting Started” Advanced Miniature Painting. Breaking out of the box and using methods from all over the model painting spectrum. Flash Tool – You will have to Copy and Paste the link! www.micromark.com Airbrush Deals- www.tcpglobal.com Tamiya Handy Drill – www.hobbylinc.com

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  1. @scuttlepussy I hated the gw spraygun, my main problem I had with it, was the gas can freezing up. When you use a gas propellant the the pressure inside causes the gas to rapidly cool which means it loses pressure, which stops you from spraying. The instructions tells you to stop spraying and allow the can to reach room temperature again before spraying again which takes an hour!! which means the nozzle has to be cleaned everytime you wait for the can to warm up. It was a joke, I threw it away.

  2. Heya mate, nice vids. Lotsa great tips for beginers and advanced hobbyists! Quick Q, whats your opinion of the GW spraygun? I know it got re-called and was re-released, just wondered what you thought of it. Got one a while back n plan on using it soon. Hoping you won’t slate it toooooo much 😉

  3. Let me say i respect the hell out of you for offering us valueable info for free. We all owe you a beer.

  4. Hi, I have a question and it is what kind of airbrush do you recommend me having in mind that I’ll have to buy it from the web and ship i overseas? (to Southamerica)

    Any help i’ll greatly appreciate it
    Keep up with the hobby!!

  5. I love the video and i am a collector of gw products.
    To get to the pointi am now going to buy the Harder & Steenbeck infinity (the one you suggest in your video) and i was wondering what accesories should i buy with it and are there different nozzels you would use?
    Thk you very much.

  6. @chaosChosen567 Google is your friend 🙂 The War Store, Chicago Airbrush Supply, a Local hobby Store etc. Hard to remember it all.

  7. hey can you tell me were you got all yours supplies you showed at the beginning ( 4 paints, airbrush, etc.) that would be greatly appreciated. thanks:D

  8. @Kaarulander Natakue covered it perfectly. Check his primer video. It’s pretty much how I do it. But I “dust” my models. Just a light coat.

  9. Hey Les, have you done a Tuto on primer techniques yet? I would love to hear/read how you prime yer models before painting. Thanks a bunch

  10. @MrAssassinful OH NO! GW paint/glue etc is over priced and I quit using GW when I realised their paint pots are designed to dry you paints out and that they started to discontinue colors I loved. Vallejo is just my preference. If you like and use all GW product it’s really up to you. But to each his own. Use what works for you.

  11. why dont you just use the games workshop glue, paint and what not?i always thought that that was the best for miniature painting

  12. @Darthburn Thanks! I use 18 psi for most but it’s different for each paint brand. You just need to test spray on some paper before you start. Too Gritty, thin the paint and/or up the psi. Spray coming out uncontrolled and too fast, paint is too thin or psi too high.

  13. Hey buddy. Really cool video. I was wondering how much psi from your compressor you recommend when airbrushing?

  14. @awesomepaintjob I’m sorry, I have to ask too, but where did you get that flash removing tool? who make’s it? I have looked it up on Google, but no cigar…Can you give more detail about it?
    Many thanks.

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