How to Go About Your Exterior Painting Project

Exterior painting maybe considered as the most vital home maintenance project as it is often the paint with the caulking that protects your home from damage caused by varying weather and other elements.  This is especially true with homes in New York City because of the humid subtropical nature of its climate.  Winters come mildly cold but summer days are often humid and extremely warm with occasional thunderstorms.  The seasons in between poses erratic changes from hot to cool.  The New York climate alone should prompt home owners to have exterior painting done but this job also has other benefits like beautification.

In exterior painting, the difference between a first-rate and poor job will eventually become very much evident especially in the case where a portion or in some cases the whole work is to be redone.  Because this project is essential, home owners should think not about the costs as long as they are getting the best value out of their hard-earned cash.  Aside from the funding part, time, materials and labor should be taken into careful consideration.  With these factors to reflect on, hiring an NYC exterior painting contractor would be most ideal, if you are not an expert on this project yourself.

After evaluating the façade of your home, checking on in the physical condition and different surfaces, you are now ready to take on exterior paint preparation.  This method is very important as any mistake done within this stage would surely lead to failure of the finish.  To avoid future maintenance jobs, pay special attention to areas that may need to be repaired.  Aside from obvious indications of damage, these can also be hinted by discolored areas, blistering or peeling of old coat. 

In exterior painting preparation, it is important that all loose paint is removed as a clean and good foundation may spell success or failure of the job.  This step involves the most laborious tasks such as pressure washing, a combination of scraping and sanding, and even wire brushing for rough wood.  When the surface has totally been cleaned, caulking, masking and priming comes next. 

Choosing the proper application method as well as the best suited finish paint is vital in your exterior painting project.  What have worked for others may not produce the same results for your home as different surface, masonry and house type may require a different paint and painting technique.  There are numerous exterior surfaces with the most common including masonite, wood siding, stucco, vinyl, steel, exterior brick and concrete block.  In choosing your paint, go for the low maintenance type as these will surely last for a longer period of time. 

Handing your exterior painting project to the experts will surely add more years to the life of your home’s façade.  The skills and practical experience of the hired contractor, incorporated with high quality materials and products will result to less repairs and lower maintenance in the future.  When you decide which New York contractor to choose, consider the exterior painting preparation that they have in mind.  You could also opt for someone who is also qualified to do repairs to avoid having to call for another contractor.

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