Faux Painting: Venetian Plaster

It is our nature as humans to enhance the environment that we live in by decorating our surroundings. Since the early times, humans beautify their own nests to express religion, spirituality and/or sense of style. Nowadays, whether it is for significant expressions or mere aesthetic purposes, the different faux painting techniques help us create more life in our homes.

Literally speaking, the word “faux” is the French translation for the English word “fake”. True enough, faux painting gives our homes and offices the kind of finish that mimics a wide variety of surfaces that we get from materials such as marble and wood with paint. There are several faux painting techniques that we can use to accentuate certain areas, if not all, of our New York homes, offices and other business establishments. Among these techniques are Marbleizing, Graining, Color Wash, Trompe I’oeil (“trick the eye”), Strie (“stripe” or “streak”) and Venetian Plaster, each giving different effects on your wall or furniture.

One particular faux painting technique that catches my eye every time I visit a new establishment is the Venetian Plaster. This traditional decorative technique has made its debut in the 16th century. It is amazing how such a technique as Venetian Plaster makes wonders to a room. It is even hard to imagine that just by using thin layers of paint, carefully and artistically applied on your New York home or office wall by a simple trowel or spatula can create a smooth surface with the illusion of depth and texture in a room. The elegant effect definitely makes it one of the most popular choices among the other faux painting techniques.

Throughout the years, new innovations and developments on the Venetian Plaster faux painting technique are offered, giving us even more creative possibilities when decorating our homes and business establishments in New York. There are now more colors available within the Venetian Plaster technique added to the original lime and marble mixture ingredients. It is also now more consistent and durable. In addition, those who have children at home will be pleased to know that the improvements on Venetian Plaster have made its use safer for the family.

With this age-old artistic technique combined with the latest technology and highest quality available for us to make use of, give us a very long list of options on decorating our homes and offices. So, set your imagination free and let your walls be your canvass! There are literally thousands of design combinations we can come up with the Venetian Plaster faux painting technique.

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