Unique Artist From The East Country

Nana Li is the Cambridge, United kingdom based freelancer, who can make use of her Comic Book, Conceptual and even Children’s Illustrations in order to develop an identifiable story form. Her style is somewhat one of a kind, seeing that some of us would not necessarily come across this variety of artwork on a daily basis.

This specific online portfolio is actually a new wonder of works, coming from script to single drawings which is simply amazing, not only in color, but in illustration at the same time. She holds a degree in Biomedical Engineering, which is where she can certainly pull together health care understanding with designs, in order to help better medical therapies and diagnostics.

Nana points out the outlook on her art, she really loves the reality that it can certainly teach a meaningful story, no matter if through the use of individual, well-executed image or a set of step by step panels. This is truly very helpful, seeing that she is able to help establish just what art forms imply to her and also what exactly they could possibly deliver for others.

Manga creation in addition to character design are in addition to her specialized competencies. Nana offers workshops based on those techniques for schools, general events and libraries and so you can easily find out some first-hand tips and skills from her, in person, in cases the you are curious. She has also been involved in the book of Rising Stars of Manga UK and Ireland: v. 3 plus The Mammoth Book of Best New Manga 2 : (Mammoth): v. 2, which can now be located on Amazon.com.

Her clientele list is impressive, just like her work is, since it features such clients and customers as Shojo Stars, Quarto Publishing, Ilex Press, SelfMadeHero, Simon & Schuster Children’s Books, Letraset and NEO Magazine.

Have a look at Nana Li’s work, any time you are fascinated in this sector of design. We guarantee you will not end up being unfulfilled, as she can provide what is necessary regarding a design idea. Her communications information and more general information will be able to be found regarding her, through the website.

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