Photo Creativity From This Great Young Artist

Hailing from Leeds, in the Uk, Ben Fellows has a extremely inventive expertise and specialises within major Art Direction, Graphic Design and New Media skills.

He also has been professionally designing for over 6 years now, which consists of doing business for agencies and buyers within both the Usa and the Uk.

Ben also has worked mainly with print work, where this individual has designed web campaigns and innovative media images.

The length of his expertise consists of working with web design feature aids and designing direct promotion e-mails. This individual is, never reluctant to try different techniques in his designs in order to press the boundaries regarding his creativeness.

Ben clarifies that within many of his very creative roles, he has displayed a strong talent for marketing and advertising copy and composing sales. He contributes that he has always been responsible for each of his own straplines and aiding marketing and advertising copy.

Ben has used the abilities and natural talent he has obtained from being employed on commissions from across the world and integrated this specific experience straight into his ever growing portfolio. This individual features a well-rounded tactic to his designs and they showcase his blend of media expertise.

Ben has an outstanding set of designs in his online portfolio. A creation in particular is a promotional design for a dance organization. The following consists of a seductive combination of hues and also gives a specific mixed media illusion – is it or isn’t it type feel. This individual knows how to join designs, shades and photos in unison, that is actually highlighted in this particular piece.

Ben has grown in many ways during the years, gaining expertise admired by a number of other people in this discipline and issuing his clients and end users with assured 100 % satisfaction in his artwork. These are such customers and companies as Leeds Armouries Museum,, FACCTS (family court case tracking system),, Callaway Golf, Opensoft and OC Coating.

If you discovered this interesting and wish to find out more, go to Ben’s online portfolio, where you can see his work and find his contact details.

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