Ceramic Art In Japan Hiromu OKUDA 奥田博土の世界1

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13 Replies to “Ceramic Art In Japan Hiromu OKUDA 奥田博土の世界1”

  1. Not really, maybe the dog is just a “yapper” or is allowed to run around the shop all day and was put outside…that is not suffering. I just think you are being a little too sensitive, dogs were not meant to sit silently and they were not meant to be coddled in a house. Wild dogs live outside, it’s humans that made them into little personal puppets for their own enjoyment 🙂

  2. uhhh, no. Tink is just a nicname. I live in the U.S. I don’t bare knuckly fight or fight dogs.
    I’m not sure what your point was there. Can you try retyping it or re-wording it? Were you agreeing with the fact that the dog “suffering” was overpowering the video?
    Oh, and of course I meant “fleas”, but you knew that already.
    I forget what they call that. What’s it called when someone asks a question but they already know the answer? jeez.

  3. It’s dog whining. Exactly, what do you think attention or hunger involves. It’s suffering. Full stop. Point made. You failed.

  4. Hey, whining is caused by a reason. Perhaps you mean fleas, not flees running away? Some societies have no respect for animals and tether on sahort leads to old oil barrels used as shelters.If dog is anxious/whining then should be seen to, removed from the filming/sound area. Tink is this short for Tinker which in the UK has all sorts of interesting connotations: bare knuckle fighting, dog fighting. Yeah? LOL your way too, Matie.

  5. I have to agree, the dog whinning could have been that he was hungry or wanted his owners attention. Why would someone automatically think it was suffering?

  6. Animal suffering? LOL! That dog could have had flees and was scratching his rear end on the corner of a 2×4. Just because an animal is whining is NO indication of any wrong doing.

  7. Fascinating watching the artist at work. I have seen huge pots constructed with the coil technique smoothed by hand, but this was a surprise to see the process include the wheel. You have to really have strength and dexterity to accomplish that! The beach sculpture is great. I love the way it trails off like twigs on the left. I want to check out more of this artist’s work.

  8. I liked the image of the sculpture on the beach very much. The huge pot you were throwing and building up from extruded coils was superb.

    I was not happy about the dog whining in the background. Many people around the world find animal suffering in any form unacceptable.

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