4 Replies to “Mike Murphy Ceramic Art”

  1. Mike, what a wonderful video, narrative and addition to the art world. To think I could have taken your class at Chico State, yet somehow I wound up in social work….sigh. I’d like to know, however, what type of clay do you use? Also, how long have your slabs been resting before you start making walls? Lastly, what type of glaze do you use; the blue/green is amazing. Thanks again for a powerful addition to my limited background in ceramics. You’ve biven me a new view of my own work. Sue.

  2. Mike is an interesting speaker. I also make ceramic buildings and cities, so this movie really got my interest. The explanation of the development of his ideas fits naturally with the style. The glazes are beautiful, and I love the flexibility of Mike’s conception of gravity and architecture. Definitely a 5 star.

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