Japanese Kutani Sake Cup Art

Kutani-ware has been produced in Japan for over 300 years within remote villages of the ‘nine valleys’ (Kutani means nine valleys) region of Kaga province in Japan’s Ishikawa prefecture (please see map below). Noted for it’s fine brush work and delicate porcelain, Kutani kilns have produced some of Japan’s finest ceramic art through generations of refined production. Though the actual origins of Kutani-ware are uncertain, we know that the kilns of the nine valleys were long supported through the patronage of the powerful Maeda clan who were the hereditary rulers of the region.

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3 Replies to “Japanese Kutani Sake Cup Art”

  1. Inspiring no doubt, I may have to try and make some of these delicate cups. I don’t believe I could or would attempt to decorate anywhere near that size. Insane!

  2. Cool informative video. I bought a beautiful sake cup from you a while back in eBay.

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