Simply Painting – Introduction to Seascapes, Acrylic “To be a painter you don’t need talent, just the desire.” – Frank Clarke “The Simply Painting Series”, as seen on PBS, introduces students to the basics of watercolors and the joy of painting. Each program takes you to exotic and picturesque spots to find the perfect creative inspiration. Students return to the studio for a watercolor lesson on capturing the essence of these exciting places. Subjects covered include: Still Life, Brush Techniques, Landscapes, Perspective, Seascapes, Using Colors, Flowers, Wet to Wet, Foods, Washes, Trees, White Gouache, Mountains, Light & Dark Properties, Water, Painting on other Material, Woodlands, Misty Hills. Frank Clarke has emerged as one of Ireland’s most popular artists and is now world famous for his painting techniques. Through his unique approach to watercolor and acrylic painting and his proven method of teaching others his trade, Frank has introduced thousands of people to the joys of leisure painting. The foundation of Frank’s series is his HSMF formula: simplifying pictures into parts – Horizon, Sky, Middle, Foreground – to be tackled one at a time. Frank’s contagious aspiration to “Have Some More Fun” offers budding artists the inspiration they need.

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  1. You can soak the brushes in water and leave them until the end of your session. Keeps them supple, Then take them out and clean them properly. If you use turps based oils, then do the same thing with turps, washing the brushes after their soak, in warm soapy water when you finish painting. Just don’t leave them for ever!

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