Paint & Glaze / Tone & Glaze Techniques Part 3

Part 3 of a 3 part tutorial on paint and glaze and toner coat and glaze techniques to refinish and breathe new life into old or outdated woodwork and cabinets. If you find the information valuable, please rate it highly! Thanks!

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12 Replies to “Paint & Glaze / Tone & Glaze Techniques Part 3”

  1. Thank you SO much for this tutorial!! I am getting ready to re-finish our kitchen cabinets (northern birch cabinets original custom to the house- built 1966) and found this technique appealing, especially since the toner you used is spot on to mine!! Again, thanks so much!!

  2. Great video! very thorough. I am getting ready to glaze the cabinets tomorrow. Hope they turn out as beautiful as yours! thanks for the help!

  3. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos. I found them VERY helpful and maybe one day I’ll have the nerve (and find the time) to try it myself. You should be on HGTV!

  4. If you have learned that you are always learning, then you are amongst the best there are. And, you will only get better.

  5. Good Point. I have learned alot about finishing. The most important lesson was learning that I am always learning. There are so many ways to do things. Thats why I watched youre series here ;-)..I here in the video you are near airport in Phoenix… (heard a plane).. I worked in Phoenix a few years ago at Western Mill, and found it very hard to work in that environment, SO HOT!!! Hows the economy there?, You staying busy? Im in Orange County Ca. Slowing down alot here. Peace…

  6. Hi jburk,
    If you are indeed a finisher, then you know that there is a huge difference in what the DIY person can do, and the results we achieve. Those who want the “real deal” will always call us ((if they can afford us of course 😉 ))
    Methods are easily achievable, trade secrets are learned over years. But I know you know this. Thanks for watching!

  7. I am a finisher, and Ive gotta say, with what we do, how do you have the patience for making these videos?? LOL, My buddy says, you are givin our trade away, I just laugh because people usually fall on their face tryin this stuff, then they call us!! Thanks for posting.

  8. No, not at all.
    Primer, sand.
    Base, Glaze, then (other colors of your choice), top coat.
    Of course just make sure you do a trial run first, to make sure your idea will work out, both color wise, and with the materials you have chosen to work with.

  9. I enjoyed your video. Would i need to sand the cabinets after i put my base coat on? before i put on the glaze?


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