Heavy impasto Palette Knife painting by Alex Perez 1999 Part-2

Painting demonstration by Alex Perez. Heavy impasto Palette Knife acrylic painting demonstration from 1999 PART 2 Here I’m showing my painting techniques and my own ways of painting. I do not pretend to teach painting. I amsure that many of you will draw the maximum of benefit from this Master Class. To see this Video in High Quality or resolution, just start the Video and after that click on the black color button (HQ) in the lower right side bar of the YouTube screen, after you press the button the color change to red HQ Website: www.a-perez.com Blog:perezart.blogspot.com Alex Perez Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved.

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25 Replies to “Heavy impasto Palette Knife painting by Alex Perez 1999 Part-2”

  1. Hey Alex, I am a beginning painter. I needed something to occupy my time after my kids were grown, I would love to learn this technique. I have subscribed to your videos. Thanks so much for posting them. I also love, love, LOVE enya! I hope you post more videos so I can study your style. Bravo to you!

  2. i painted with oil paint , with painting knives , its been drying for 3 weeks and it’s still not dry , and i put thick layers of paint on it . any1 knows how long it needs 2 dry? its a half a centimeter thick layer at some parts , and does any1 know how to speed up the drying proces?

  3. A Japanese company “Holbein” or an Italian one named Maimeri, check for their websites

  4. entra en mi pagina web, alli escribeme via el formulario de “ask for proce” y en momento que me llega tu direccion de correo,m te contensto con elmio,. yo no expongo mi email porque me volverian loco

  5. Ahora comprendo que tu tienes muchos problemas y por eso no puedes responder mis preguntas, lamento mucho y deseo que tudo se normalize breve… No tengo tu email por eso estoy respondiendo aqui. Cuando hablar comigo puedes hablar en espanol. Yo hablo ingles, portugues y espanol… Gracias por escribirme, a veces mezclo espanol com ingles pero comprendo si tu escribir en espanol, eso si tu prefieres no hay problema. Yo amo tu trabajo y te deseo lo mejor, un abrazo, God bless you! Dafne.

  6. Dafne, hello
    I live in Chile, as, I believe you already that know we are here under a series of strong Earthquakes, its not that I don´t want to answer your questions, is the reason that I didnt have enough time for the many amany thing to do, I am not in the perfect conditions to answer to all the people privately, if you need to something much specificaly please write to my email, I wil be happy to answer you any question.

  7. Hello Alex, I would like to know why you did not answer my questions that I have done you… This make me sad, because I love all your paintings…Thanks, dafne.

  8. Hello Alex, wonderful heavy impasto palette knife painting! Can you please let me know the names of the colours that you are using in this painting?

  9. Thank you for your kind comment, about your question: are bought long time ago from two suppliers, Holbein (Japan) and Maimeri (Italy), the last one have a variety of shapes, but I still change some larges shapes to my needs, cutting the blades and sharper a side according to my left hand, if this explanation helps you , I’m happy.
    Thank for the visit, have a great year 2010!

  10. Hey, love this..wonderful style. But, can you please let us know where you got all of your different shaped painting knives? I’ve been thinking about reshaping my own but would love to find a supplier that offers more than basic shapes and sizes.

  11. Ooh, thats nice! Such a clear use of colors!
    I never know when to stop and end up smudging everything into brown sludge 😛

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