Basic Oil Painting Techniques : How to Start an Oil Painting

Learn how to start an oil painting thisfree instructional video art lesson on oil painting. Expert: Vince Fazio Contact: Bio: Vince Fazio, an artist for 29 years, is currently the Art director of the Sedona art center and has been for 9 years. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler

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  1. sorry, wasn’t trying to sound smart, and I also misinterpreted your comment as smartass too heheh. anyways, believe me I know art has no rules, but for oil painting, since I’m basically starting there I had to go around and read articles about it.

  2. what did i get mixed up? i asked a question. your jumping the gun on trying to sound smart. i dont know about articles etc. but i have enough experience as a tattooist to be able to paint what ever i like. btw, theres no 1 way to paint, theres only the final result.

  3. lol I’ve read from a lot of articles this is the way that it’s done…apparently it’s you the one that’s got it mixed

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