How to make a square clay, pottery, porcelain plate: part 2

Continuation of part 1, the plate is trimmed and refined and a completed, glazed dinner place setting is shown. Included is a short description of the glazing process for these pieces.

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12 Replies to “How to make a square clay, pottery, porcelain plate: part 2”

  1. @DirtKickerStudio I use Nara porcelain from Aardvark clay in the LA area, I also use English porcelain from Laguna. I generally dry the plates for several hours in the open and then overnight covered in plastic that has holes in it. The next day I flip the plates and let them dry for several more hours and generally trim that second day, sometimes I will cover them again and trim the next day, depends on the weather. No cracking. The square plates will be dried right side up, low on a rack.

  2. I’m surprised that you’re ready to trim this plate after 1 day. I’m using Laguna Frost Porcelain. If I don’t let it sit in my drying cabinet for a few days it cracks like crazy. How do you dry your porcelain?

  3. I use wax resist form Laguna Clay, they have a website and you can order it directly. Other people like a wax resist from Axner. They both work very well, just remember to let it set up for an hour or more for best resisting of glazes.

  4. when you say you are waxing the temoku glaze, what sort of wax resist are you using?I have a couple of projects that I would like to do such a thing, but am not sure of the best resist.

    Thanks for the great demos! Really enjoy them.

  5. i thought so, i ordered 2 for my teacher a month ago and he has yet to use them

  6. The tool is from a company called Bison Tools. He (Philip, the owner) is located in Las Vegas. The blade of the tool is made of tungsten carbide, it is a very hard material. I have been using this tool for over a year and it has not needed sharpening. But, if you drop it it will shatter, really, it will break if it hits a hard floor. The tools cost about $50 each. Philip hand makes each tool, including turning the wooden handle and he will make any size and shape you want.

  7. the red finish with rutile and black looks very nice, and what kind of trimming tool is that?

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