Painting Miniatures Video Guide Fundamental Techniques

A short sample from the full 55 Minutes long DVD available at Video Description: The first video painting guide in the series is called Fundamental Techniques. Fundamental Techniques was designed especially for the new gamer or model painter and is highly recommended if you are just getting started. This video will take you step-by-step from effective clean-up of your miniature to dry brushing and highlighting. You will be taught an excellent foundation to approach all your models by, sequentially building your miniature painting techniques. Advanced techniques are also included in the video, such as making blades appear sharp, inking, highlighting, and furthering. Even experienced painters have commented on many of these techniques, saying that theyve never thought of approaching model painting in these ways. Simple time-saving techniques like two phase spray undercoat and countless other simple tips cant be found on forums and are crucial towards improving your painting.

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