21 Replies to “Testor’s ScaleWorkshop Video #6b – Masking and Mottling 2”

  1. true – I learned that over the years, but hey drying time MUST be reasonable… I’ve met a guy in the craft store said he dries his paints for a damn week! hell mine say “dry to touch in 1 hour” and for thats still too long. and of course I let water and laquer dry overnight

  2. Wow great tip on the hairdryer and acrylics, I just about ruined my P-47 from handling while building the model, took the flat finish of the paint right off…

  3. not touching the model works BEST. Like a 3 year old, he can’t keep his hands off it.

  4. He’s a goofball. I always painted the entire aircraft chrome-silver(aluminum). Then paint the A/C RLM gray 02 (primer), the bottom Helblau. spray the wings back to front, to imitate sand/dirt blast wear on the leading edge of the wings, props can be done this way too. the upper part of the A/C gets painted with the most prevalent camo color, THEN use 1/2″ tape to mask. This guy is a time waster. After seeing him, I should be making these vids.

  5. So let me get this right. He only painted the areas that were in between the maskin tape….therefore the area under the masking tape is just simply the color of the plastic that the kit was produced in? And i guess this was fine for this particular kit, meaning it only needed one paint for the camo, while the rest remained untouched plastic color?

  6. I am actually moderately deaf myself, I wear two bilateral digitsl hearing aids. I find many situations pretty confusing but I could just make this out. Often we learn how to focus our hearing on certain things and over compensate as a result.

    I admit now that he made a mistake in trying to deliver commentry with a loud rattley hair dryer whiring away. Oh well, nevermind, keep up the good work Brett.

  7. Thanks.. It’s not easy being deaf at times.. and YouTube do not subtitle peoples videos.. 🙂

  8. Yes, I am DEAF, which is why I found the hairdrier disturbing.. as is background music and other noice that drowns the person talking.. in ANY video.. but normal hearing people do not understand this, unfortunately.. Perhaps one day when you are in the ame situation, eh..

  9. Oh well. He is basically stating the vertues of quickly drying the model to avoid finger makrks. Thats all nothing complicated.

  10. Don’t be such a dumbass. He is audible yes but not when a noisey dryer is rattling and causing distortion in the ceap camera mic. I can barely understand it myself.

  11. Very clever.. talking while running the hairdrier.. Couldn’t hear a word.. 🙁

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