Oil Painting Lesson – Wilson Bickford – Waterfall

Here is a lesson in oil painting techniques for waterfalls and moving water. Please toggle to full screen for maximum detail. For more information, visit: www.wilsonbickford.com produced by obsidiancv – http

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25 Replies to “Oil Painting Lesson – Wilson Bickford – Waterfall”

  1. Wow This is amazing =O It seems so simple the way you paint it but probably isn’t xD I have a question though, not related to water falls though >.< How would you achieve a reflection affect on a sunset, like the one you did in that sunset tutorial but instead of grass it was water? Thanks, Keep up the great amazing work 😀

  2. @nicholewoods34
    Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Before the end of the year, I will have my own complete line of signature painting products available. These will be geared to the wet-on-wet technique. Please refer back to my website periodically for updates and ordering information.

  3. I cant wait to try this, I love the way you teach you are straight to the point and I just want to see more . Im an artist I grew up watching Bob Ross. The world needs your techniqes , I havent seen many like you. Thanks

  4. @blahhh070
    It just comes from experience and practice. I’ve been painting for over 20 years and I certainly didn’t paint this quickly in the beginning. lol

  5. what on earth?!! It takes me hours to do stuff like that!
    you’re so talented

  6. everyone please check out the video of my Oil painting. It took me 5 months to finish and its 4 feet by 6 feet. let me know what you think of the piece. the video is called – Monumental Oil painting- from start to finish

  7. awesome….im off to try that now.
    thanx 4 your vids on tips n trix

  8. @GUITAR1212112
    Your least expensive option would be either canvas “paper” ( for practice ) , or canvas panels ( aka canvas “boards” ). You can find these at any art supply store.

  9. what do you paint on. Because my sister is going to teach me to oil paint but i need something to paint on.

  10. fiquei encantada com sua tecnica, obrigada pela suas aulas, com elas tenho condições de melhorar asa minhas pinturas.

  11. @xSteelsnakex
    I’m glad and honored to have been your inspiration. Thank you for watching my channel.

  12. you are the person that got me into painting . I always struggled to find a hobby i acctually liked . You helped me soo much .
    Thanks alot !

  13. @xxAisha25xx
    Well, hopefully you can make it to one of my classes someday. I meet a lot of great people in this business and I know we’d have fun!

  14. Why do you live so far away 🙁
    However, thank you for putting up lessons for people that cannot make it to your classes. Hopefully in the future when my schedule is less busy Ill take one of your classes
    Just some suggestions for future videos:
    reflections of trees or anything else in water, mountains, dirt or dirt roads

    THANK YOU!!! YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION and one of my new favorite artists.

  15. DO I!!! That’s how I make my living. You should visit my website, wilsonbickford d o t c o m

  16. Yes, you can do these techniques with Acrylics. I use odorless mineral spirits ( paint thinner ) for thinning my paint and cleaning my brushes. A “medium” is not thinner, but an oily base into which you blend your paints.

  17. I love your videos they are really helpful esp for a beginner like me I just had a few questions can you do this with arcrylic paints as well also what type of thinner do you use also is a medium and paint thinner the same thing thank you!

  18. I do too. It’s great for many different effects, such as falling snow, stars in the sky, flowers in a meadow and gravel texture on a road. I use it all the time.

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