Import Ceramic White PS3 Unboxing

The Video Gamers Voice unboxes the brand new Import Ceramic White PS3 system for the world to see! Check out the Import Ceramic White PlayStation 3 console by following the link below:

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25 Replies to “Import Ceramic White PS3 Unboxing”

  1. @fendercuber: Agreed. I actually liked the oriiginal PS3 model better than the new one. I didn’t like the Spider-Man font, but the rest was fine.

  2. @AlexCharlier805
    I got my 80GB then they brought out the limited edition 250GB fat version. I was well pissed off, if I had waited 2 months Id of got a 250GB version for the same price. My friend has a Slim version and he said he’s had no problems with it but they where out of stock when he went to buy a fat one so he got the slim.

  3. @TheEnglishBadman I agree, though, l only hate the slim because it just looks so ugly imo. The Phat ps3s look way better.

  4. @AlexCharlier805
    The first Generation PS3’s are better I think, PS3 slims are good but I prefer the first ones. I have an 80GB fat model but if it someday breaks I will replace it but would prefer the same style instead of a slim model.

  5. @TheEnglishBadman I doubt it, they dont even sell them new anymore in any country plus they also are stopping making fat ps3s in general.

  6. @AlexCharlier805
    Will they ever be sold in the UK? Silver and White PS3’s?

  7. @TheEnglishBadman yup, and they dont even sell them in japan anymore either, so you pretty much have to find one on ebay or used

  8. WHY DONT THEY SELL THESE IN ENGLAND! argh! Its so nice! Im so bored of black!

    Its stupid. Sony should atleast let you send them your PS3 for a respray. It would have to cost obviously.

    And the 60G looks amazing too, the chrome.
    Grey and black.

  9. when i bought my ps3, mine is black, i never saw a white ps3 for sale in any of the shops only black

  10. Does anyone know where i can get a white ps3 in California?? i want the fat version with alot of slots…..If i buy an imported on i cant play videos right? is there a us version? websites?

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