Ceramic artist feeling the silky wet – between my fingers

TooTall’s Pottery by Matthew S. Kennedy provides handmade one of a kind ceramic art that is inspired by the beach and my unique daily experiences along with the great people/artists I come in contact with. This gives me unlimited inspiration for my ceramic art. Being the artist who creates the art, I welcome special orders. I can create almost any kind, size, shape or color with any motif you desire. This is a fun and exciting process for me personally. Matthew S. Kennedy Cell: 562-760-7955 www.tootallspottery.com www.urnnews.com twitter.com www.facebook.com tootallspottery.blogspot.com www.youtube.com www.myspace.com

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5 Replies to “Ceramic artist feeling the silky wet – between my fingers”

  1. wow this is cool, i do this at skool and i love, and starting february 1 or 2 i will be doing advanced ceramics

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