Graffiti tutorial #1 acrylics & paint brush technique MWNYC Here are a few random tips i want to share. Take what works for you. Vandalism is not a path you need to take if you can focus your values on something productive. Love your neighbor! More to come! Please leave feedback.

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25 Replies to “Graffiti tutorial #1 acrylics & paint brush technique MWNYC”

  1. this is awesome man. i have been looking for tips all over youtube these are far by the best results i got. keep it coming 🙂 i hope you have spray paint vids

  2. hey there nice tutorial, keep posting video’s. I like it that you don’t do that stereotype graffiti thing only, but experiment. see ya!

  3. Yo man thats kool really helped out sounds like we went threw tha same thing keep it up grafflife ne91

  4. @KaelyNicole
    First, wear a respirator, or you will hurt yourself.
    Your friend will be better off having no expectations.
    Do it for fun, otherwise whats the point if youre worried about how it looks.
    Watch my tutorial #2 for spraypaint techniques.
    WEAR A RESPIRATOR. Thats my most important advice.

  5. ok so a frend wants me 2 do some graffiti n his room, and i want it 2 look awesome, but im not very experienced w/ spray paint yet. he’s got hig expectations, so any advice 4 a beginner would be awesome

  6. “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” Thanks for the hints.

  7. @jeennney You have to train yourself to be in the experience as it happens, so when youre drawing or painting, over and over, always observe whats happening while trying new things, so the puzzle pieces start coming together.
    My pieces now NEVER start in my mind. They begin with the first line, and then just keep building from moment to moment. Its about being in the process, not thinking about what the end result will be. “go with the flow”

  8. @jeennney
    Hah! GREAT question. Well, maybe im partial to it because i wondered the same thing years ago. Why cant i put my imagination on paper or the wall!
    basically its because you are trying to recreate the past into the present moment, but the past is over.

  9. imma try painting with cans this summer so i rly enjoyed the can video you did. my only problem (except the can technique) is to create graffiti letters out of my imagination – i’ve always bben painting “classic” letters and i started with graffiti this autumn. how do you think? does the letters/style/picture just come to you or what?

  10. Thank you ! I try my best (sometimes). I hope to be of service in the future with spreading my experience! Thank you for the encouragement! Keep up your pursuit

  11. Loved the pieces you were showing at the end. Graffiti is such an under appreciated style of art. From one artist to another you have some serious skill. Thanks for the videos. I’ve been looking to get into graffiti/guerrilla style art for a while, but didn’t know where to begin.
    keep them coming brother.

  12. hey man i love this vid but im more interested in doin graffiti like drawings on paper can u make a video just like this one but with like markers and pen and all that good crap
    i really wanna learn

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