Lakeside Pottery, Ceramic School and Studio Adult Potters Wheel and Sculpting Classes, Stamford, CT

For more about us: Beginners Class Learn the art of making pottery and create decorative and functional pottery in a spacious studio. This class is designed for the beginner and for those who have taken beginning pottery classes in the past, and will cover the basic and intermediate level wheel-thrown pottery, sculpturing and glazing. We’ll give you the basic skills and knowledge so you are ready, if you choose, to become an open studio member. Typically, students take this class more than once before they are comfortable moving on to the next level Advanced Level:For those who have mastered wheel-throwing basic skills such as centering, pulling and trimming, we’ve designed a course that takes you to the next level. This class provides demonstrations and instruction on more complex forms (eg, altered forms, surface texture, multiple parts and large vessels) coupled with constructive evaluation of your work. The instructors will demonstrate and assign class projects, such as bowls, covered jars, pitchers, or vases; advanced students will be encouraged to work independently. Students will be encouraged to mix glaze tests and incorporate the results into their pottery. Hand Building / Sculpting:In this 8-week class Patty will instruct and demonstrate both functional handbuilt pieces and sculptural work using various techniques. Students will work with the instructor using slab, extruded pieces, coil and other methods. Students will be encouraged to expand

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