Shoujo Lolita23Q – CERAMIC STAR [HQ PV]

Lolitas23Q’s CERAMIC STAR PV. ^^ [released on 03.12.08. – tell me if i’m wrong..] this PV is awesome. x). Vo: Sou Gu: Yuki Gu: Ryuto Ba: Ryosuke Dr. Ban [or Kozi?.] it’s sad that Sou isn’t in the band anymore. :[ DISCLAIMER: I do not own Shoujo Lolita23Q or any their music and PVs. I’ve put here this PV only for entertainment purposes. Support the band and buy this single[and other of their stuff]. ^^ Thank you very, very much for more than 20, 000 views. (;_;). ^_^

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25 Replies to “Shoujo Lolita23Q – CERAMIC STAR [HQ PV]”

  1. @ningenXdesu Really? I thought Yuki was the one with the big nose XD (no offense here)

  2. ok so one is the band still u know like doin stuff even though sou left or what ? and is he like having a solo carrer ?

  3. awesome !!!!!!!! love this song loadssss 🙂 xxxxxx
    iv been listening to it 24/7 🙂

  4. The song is amazing, the band are flawless and that singer…is HOT.
    So is the guitarist. I love visual Kei <3

  5. I love this song honestly. It’s amazing! *_*

    Im so sad that Sou Left, but Im sure we’ll be seeing him again. He’s so amazing to waste!

    And the song is greatt i love itt!
    Its so cutee!! (:
    and he plays the soloo so cool omg omg x3
    i love this songg<333

  7. wow we have a badass here! lolwut? grow up man/girl/tranny whtever you may be…too lazy to chek ur channel 😛 :DD

  8. yeah but not better than the gazette and alice nine lol
    i never liked an cafe :[
    bou disturbs me

  9. I am in love with this song. and i cant belive Sou left T_T. the drummer is mad sexy 0_0

  10. hmmm, he’s now a session band. Only a session DX called “Tomodachi”

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