Painting with Demons Part 5/6 : Final Highlight

Painting with Demons: Final Highlight – Applying the final highlight- Here is the fifth video in a six part series painting a Privateer Press Sniper model using my favorite paints, Privateer Press paints. In this video I’m using the “Thrall Flesh” as a final rim highlight. I won Games Workshop: Golden Demon Award in 94′ with my Striking Scorpion Karandras model. Since then, I went to school for art and have been working in the videogame industry for 10 years. I’m sharing my painting techniques with fellow painters just as they shared their painting techniques with me over 15 years ago. -rallyRays

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11 Replies to “Painting with Demons Part 5/6 : Final Highlight”

  1. Wonderful work Bro!!! May I suggest a book called “How to build Dio rammas” by Shepard Payne. This book has some awesome tips for realistic figure painting. You won’t regret buying this book. Again keep up the fine work…Ian

  2. Well with my firewarriors, also my crisis, I just paint the highlights on the edges on the armour. Kinda like the green on the edges of a monolith.

  3. could you please tell me I wasn’t taught how to highlight only drybrush and I need to highlight my tau firewarriors

  4. Scott- First of all, excellent work. Do you paint for gaming purposes or more for display? I have different standards for my figures as far as playing and display are concerned. I think many painters don’t go “bold” enough with their highlights so the models don’t pop on the table. They forget that 3 foot rule if you will. I will post some video of my guys soon, orks and demon hunters. Keep up the great work.

  5. I start out with two thin puddles of paint, a skin milk consistency puddle of paint, and another puddle of paint thats twice as thin as skin milk puddle. Start with the super thin mix first to avoid starting to thick. Apply a couple of coats(5-10passes) then swithc to the skin milk mix.

    When you applying these super thin coats, blow on them to make them dry in seconds, then apply the next pass… repeat, repeat and repeat. Just keep layering until you build up a smooth transition.

  6. Scott, when i highlight I still get a graduated look, rather than the smooth finish you seem to get. Is my paint too thin? or do you think it might be that I am making my colours too bold in betweenhighlighting steps?

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