Oil Painting Lesson – Wilson Bickford – Ocean Wave

Here is a lesson in oil painting techniques for an ocean wave. Please toggle to full screen for maximum detail. For more information, please visit www.wilsonbickford.com Producesd by obsidiancv- http

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25 Replies to “Oil Painting Lesson – Wilson Bickford – Ocean Wave”

  1. @mrchemicalromance
    Turpentine isn’t nearly as popular as it once was for cleaning brushes, though there are still some who use it today. Most artists nowdays, myself included, use mineral spirits ( aka “Paint Thinner” ) Try to get the ” 100% Odorless ” variety.

  2. @wilsonbickford i only just started watchng your videos…i am trying to learn how to oil paint…wat do u use to clean ur brushes??….i have heard that people use turpentine????

  3. Hi Art321ful Thank you for emailig me and giveing me the tips for windows.I get the idea now makes a big diffrence to my windows. I apriciate you comeing back to me so quickley. I will keep watching your video. I keep finding new ones to watch. Thanks again Art

  4. @art321ful
    I find that this approach works well. – Underpaint the windows with a dark value, then add the appropriate “sky color” into it, whether it’s blue sky or sunset colors. This suggests glass and reflections. Go to my website and look at the buildings on my “COMMISSIONED ARTWORK” page. You’ll see how I did them.

  5. art321ful I have enjoyed your video’s very much. I have been painting for a few years and taught myself . I would like to know if they is a way to make windows look like real windows. You see i am painting house’s for people. They seem to like what i am doing.Well keep doing what your doing and i will keep Watching. I love it.

  6. Thankyou – so explanatory and informative. Can’t wait to have a go.

  7. i am sorry, i saw on your website the 17 new videos (:
    thank you, you should’ve told us.

  8. @emrahh13
    I’m just very busy with my class/ workshop schedule. I’m also working to produce my own signature line of paints, brushes, palette, etc.
    In addition to the 8 clips I’ve produced and posted here, have you seen the 17 more of my lessons that Jerry’s Aratama has posted? “Search” my name on YT to bring them ALL up.

  9. why aren’t you posting anymore videos ?
    we are depending on you but you never upload any more videos.

  10. thanks for the reply 🙂 i appreciate it. love your work. keep it up

  11. @Benbow530
    Well, part of it depends on what type of plastic it’s made from. Some palettes tend to stain and some don’t. I just scrape off the excess paint with my palette knife and wipe it down with thinner on a paper towel.

  12. hey, how do you clean your pallet so well. after im through painting, my pallet always seems to be stained. any suggestions?

  13. Saw a lot of videos but this is the one that explains better how to paint a wave, thanks a lot!!!!

  14. You’re welcome. Thanks for the high praise. Please take time to check out my website.

  15. BEST teaching video I’ve seen…paid for some that were not nearly as good…THANKS for taking time to share your knowledge and skill!

  16. Great painting, such an action piece. I’ve done a few beach paintings myself. Fee free to check out my how to paint videos and subscribe if you like. Keep up the great work! Robert

  17. wow i am well delighted with your video, i have never done an oil painting before and i will most certanly use your tips for my first one……. loved every video thanks very much for sharing 🙂

  18. The basecoat allows me to work “wet-in-wet”, thus making blending easier. This is not the only painting approach I use, though. Sometimes, I use a more traditional style utilizing underpainting and glazing.

  19. nice. TY for the tips. when you know what you are doing it looks easy and works fast : ) and Ps. alltough im not new at all to painting but i havent used the basecoat thing EVER so is it the same thing as using linseed oil or whatever but on a larger scale ? cos i only use oil for particular layers,colors and spots, but never for the whole canvas.

  20. I use Alexander Magic White. Bob Ross Liquid White is also available at most art supply stores.

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