7 Replies to “Basic Oil Painting Techniques : Placing Large Shapes: Oil Painting Techniques”

  1. This is Very helpful. Most people just want to see how things are done. Each artist is a little different… Just like on a cooking show. All Cooks follow basic rules with different results.
    I am a professional painter, and I send people to this site, often. This is great.
    Besides… I just like watching a great artist paint and draw…. Like a sport!

  2. You’re truly an idiot. If you really believe what you are saying then you must live in a box. Lot’s of GREAT young artists started with books, once you master the technique you can indeed improve much more with the help of someone.

  3. Much better that they watch video or read books and try, and maybe go on to gain real skill by whatever method works for them, than to not try at all.

  4. One cannot learn pating from videos or books anyway…don’t fool yourself!

    It will only waste your precious time.

    You cannot understand it properly unless you work directly with someone.

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