The Dance of Watercolor 2: Luminosity, Luster and Iridescence – Painting Techniques

This DVD is ideally suited for Advanced Beginners and Beyond. Julie demonstrates with watercolors. However, the theories are applicable to many other painting media as well. Learn how to paint the effects of luminosity, luster and iridescence in three paintings: a luminous tropical fish, a lustrous imaginative landscape, and an iridescent Venetian glass bowl. Warm up exercises prepare you for finishing three paintings. Learn, from an artists viewpoint, how to appreciate the many facets of these lighting effects. Julie guides you through step-by-step as she demonstrates, and there are many additional tips on the DVD menu. Apply these lighting effects to your own chosen themes in the future and see the world very differently after viewing the DVD!

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4 Replies to “The Dance of Watercolor 2: Luminosity, Luster and Iridescence – Painting Techniques”

  1. Clearly, this is a teaser for a series of courses with a price tag! Can’t afford them? You’re not alone!
    Oh well – Faber Birren was a distinguished author and colourist (colorist) (Google him!) who pioneered ideas regarding the creation of luminosity, lustre (luster) and other effects such as chromatic light in painting. It did not matter what your medium was – he taught you what the the psychological basics of such effects were. Remember his name, and buy anything he wrote. You won’t regret it.

  2. So nice to see some advanced techniques being offered! Can’t wait for the full set 😀

  3. where is all that stuff????? I did not see any demo………
    you should be upload a demo for whom can not spend on buying ……… you will get more audience and promotion………you’ll see

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