Oil Painting Technique – Wave Foam in Seascapes

Oil Painting Seascape Wave Techniques – Lesson and Class. How to paint ocean waves. Oil painting lessons teach techniques on how to bring depth, motion and iridescent color to seascapes. International, award winning artist, Byron Pickering shows in this seascape video tip how to create and paint wave foam patterns that bring life to your art work. For more – www.paintingwaves.com

25 Replies to “Oil Painting Technique – Wave Foam in Seascapes”

  1. Diamondapple100. You mentioned food coloring with water. That would make a transparent right? Maybe good for the crest of a wave.

  2. the main video show absolutly everything, from mixing the colours, wave and foam patterns, right from start to finish.. there is even a torrent of this file for those who dont want to pay but i downloaded the torrent and thought it was so good i paid for the original

  3. this vid is by byron pickering… it is well worth the money to go and buy.. why should someone give away their hard earner knowledge for free??

  4. Very Nice! I sometimes use food colouring to get a soft hue. Try It! Just Mix with a bit of water

  5. dmxlaci ok make a vid about it.
    i dunt got the cash to buy the full vid cuz i dunt got 10 bucks
    make a vid put it on utube so u can prove to us you can do it, and u would also help us.
    maybe its possible to learn to paint like that if you spend 12+ hrs a day. but idk this dudes been painting for most of his life and its also his job.

  6. With me, it isn’t necessarily painting in of itself, it’s coming up with the idea, getting the image formed in my head. I usually can figure out what I need to do to actually paint it pretty easily after that.

  7. exactly. tha painding itself when its ready it looks hard to do but when u do it it not so hard

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